About vancouveryoga.com

The foundation of vancouveryoga.com can be traced to the yoga principles of non-competition and letting go of the fruits of one’s actions. When I first created this site two years ago, I intended that it be only for my classes. I made kind of an instinctual decision put the classes of some of my friends who taught yoga on the site.

Some people thought I was crazy, advertising for my competition but it felt so natural and right. If people can’t make it to my classes, then at least they know the other options – the nice thing about yoga is that, given so many choices, it is possible to find exactly the instructor with the approach to yoga that suits you best. "Let go of the Fruits of your actions," is one of the main teachings of yoga. Like most instructors, I just felt in my soul that the more people that did yoga in our city, the better.

Gradually the list of class schedules got bigger. Without any listings in search engines, people from other cities started emailing in and asking where they could do certain types of yoga and where they could get organic food, and so on. It seems that they got the website address in chat rooms or the links emailed from friends. It became very clear that there was a demand for a portal that specifically dealt with the flourishing Vancouver Yoga and Pilates scene. What I love most is that at no point in time did I ever set out with the idea that I was going to make a business out of the site, but the market definitely demanded it. And it was those flakey yoga ideals like love, non-competition and letting go that made it happen!

When the traffic started measuring 5,000-10,000 hits per day, I had to make the jump and hire Home Base Internet Solutions to build a totally unique, searchable database to take this service to a whole new realm. I feel fortunate that I have a mom who is a computer wiz. She has helped me immeasurably with the site and I fully express my gratitude.

Vancouver is an unreal city – spectacular both because of its breathtaking natural beauty and also because of the amazing people who live here. It is full of knowledgeable, giving and kind yoga instructors. I hope that in some small way vancouveryoga.com somehow contributes to the positive vibe going on around here!

I hope you enjoy the service and I encourage you whenever possible to move from a place of trust and openness when there are decisions to be made in life.



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