Gomukhasana - (Cow Face Posture)
Go = cow, Mukha = face

Benefits: Opens up the hips, the chest, the shoulders and the chest.

Start with the legs: Bend the right leg so that the right heel is beside the left hip. The toes of the right foot face directly to the left and the little toe side of the left foot is flat on the floor.

Now take the right leg and cross it over the bent left leg. Optimally the toes of the left foot face directly to the right. Ideally both feet are in the same line. Eventually, both knees will be stacked directly on top of each other as well.

For a lot of people, aligning the feet and the knees will not be possible if the hips are tight or the knees are sore. No big deal, just go to a place that feels comfortable. No matter what, keep stress of the knee or ankle joints no matter what.

Now come the Shoulders: Bend the left arm so that the left hand comes up high into the middle of the back. It is important to create as much space as possible in the left shoulder.

Bend the right arm and try and clasp the hands or the fingers. If it is not possible to clasp the hands, hold a belt with both hands or forget about clasping the hands and just keep the hands pressed on the back. Keep the bent right arm lifting up and back to create as much opening as possible.

copyright 2002 eoin finn
Yogi: Cheryl Pinto, "Power Yoga with Eoin Finn"

Notice that the ribs for most of us want to fly upwards and the lower back wants to arch. It is important to bring the lower ribs down towards the top (illiac crest) of the pelvis.

Take a big breath in and on an out breath, fold forward keeping both hips firmly rooted on the floor. Breathe into the openings being created in the shoulder blades and the hips. Keep the face soft.

Life is too short to have toxic hips so breathe out all tension