Marichiasana A

Start from seated. Keep the left lag straight. Bend the right leg so that the heel is about three inches from the right hip. The distance between the right foot and the left thigh is roughly equal to the distance of you hand when the fingers are spread wide.

Begin the forward bend from the pelvis. On an in breath rotate the pelvis forward until it is at an angle of about 45 degrees. Place right shoulder against the inner right knee. Level one people take the right hand to the outer left shin wherever you can get to comfortably without letting the back round. More advanced people take the right hand to the outer left foot. Elongate forward and try and roll the left side of the body towards the right thigh. This helps to get the Sacro Illiac (S.I.) joints into the same line.

People who may be a little tighter can remain in level of the forward bend. Use slight pressing action of the right elbow on the right shin to elongate the body forward.

People who may want to go deeper can make a wide circular movement with the right arm and sweep it behind the back in front of the shin. If possible clasp the hand behind the back and for people. For the super technical, please note that optimally it is the right hand which takes the left hand or wrist. This ensures proper that no undue pressure is placed on the right shoulder.

Use the breath to help you go further by continuously bringing the hips into the same line. It is the right hip which will have to move back and the left hip that will have to move forward for this pose. Keep the right foot active.

Gaze at the foot if possible. Breath calm, don’t overdo it. Enjoy this fantastic opening.
Tracy Groshak, Marichiasana A
"Power Yoga with Eoin Finn"
copyright 2002 eoin finn