Side Prayer Twist (Parsvakonasana)

Step back 4 to 5 feet with your right foot. Bring your right foot to a 90 degree angle forward and your back (left) foot 45-60 degrees. Establish the lunge by pressing into the outside of the right foot. Bring the left thigh down, again making sure that left knee remains over top of your left heel.

Now on an exhalation, set the right elbow in to the outside of the left thigh and bring the hands together so the left elbow faces up. Press into the left knee with the right elbow to rotate the trunk. Continuously root that back foot and keep your back long, without collapsing. Again, breathe in a calm, relaxed manner through your nose for 30 seconds. Exhale, release, step both feet together and repeat on the other side.


* Greatly increases the flexibility in the hips and lower back

*Lengthens the leg and back muscles.

*Brings healing, oxygenated blood into the liver upon releasing the pose