Revolved Triangle Pose (Parivritta Trikonasna)



Stretches the spine

increases mobility in the hips and torso

lengthens hamstring muscles

improves balance and concentration

Mike Dennison, owner of City Yoga centre for Ashtanga in Vancouver
Photo: Eoin


1 Step back with the left foot the same way as extended triangle pose. 3 1/2 feet apart, right foot 60 degrees forward, right foot 90. Both heels in one line.

2 Inhale and open the arms up to the side

3 Exhale revolve the left hand to the top of the front (right) shin, twist the left ribs around the right thigh, lift the right hand up to the sky

4 Move the left hip back and the right hip forward so the hips are square

5 Keep the spine long by extending the crown of the head away from the tail bone

6 Breathe calmly for five breaths while grazing at the right thumb (drishti)

7 Bring the body to vertical, rotate on the heels to face the opposite side and repeat

8 Enjoy the openings being created

Don't forget:

Calm breathe equals calm mind, so keep the breath loose and fluid.