Extended Triangle Pose (Uttitha Trikonasana)

Benefits: Stretches the spine, opens the torso, improves balance and concentration

1 Step back with the right foot so the distance between the legs is one of your leg's length apart usually 3 1/2 feet.

2 Front (left) foot faces forward 90 degrees and the back right foot about 60 degrees forward.

3 Inhale and open the arms up to the side

4 Exhaling, bring the left hand down to the left shin only go as far as you can loosing the line between the shoulders and the left shin

5 Lengthen the crown of the head away from the coccyx to open up the intervertabral disks

6 Keep the right hip rolling back and gaze at the right thumb and breathe calmly for five evenly paced breaths. If the eyes are steady and the breath is calm, focus will come to the mind

7 Inhale bring the body back to vertical keep the arms open to the sides

8 Rotate on the heels and repeat facing the opposite direction


Keep a smile on your face and your soul free!


Photo from "Power Yoga with Eoin Finn"

Model Maalaa, Cheryl Pinto in the Background

Photographer: Bayne Stanley