Turning recycled cooking oil into fuel?
Yogi and Environmental Dude Robb Miller explains how.

Vancouveryoga.com: What is Biodiesel?
Biodiesel is a clean burning fuel made from natural, renewable resources such as vegetable oil, soybean oils and recycled cooking oils

Vancouveryoga.com: Why Biodiesel?

Biodiesel is simple to use, biodegradable, nontoxic, and essentially free of sulfur and aromatic compounds. Biodiesel use significantly reduces all regulated emissions, including carbon monoxide and
particulate matter. Biodiesel production and use produces approximately 80% less carbon dioxide emissions compared to petroleum diesel production and use. Biodiesel is less toxic than table salt and as
biodegradable as sugar.

Conversion Process

Biodiesel is truly pour-and-go technology - any diesel engine in any car, truck, generator, school bus, mining operation, farm, fleet, rail, marine and transit application can use a variety of biodiesel percentage
blends including neat biodiesel without major modifications.

Vancouveryoga.com: Where to Source it?

I get mine from Dr. Dan in Seattle "www.fuelwerks.com). Sometimes I make it in my garage using used vegetable oil from restaurants, methanol and lye (sodium hydroxide) and a process called transesterfication that produces biodiesel and glycerin - very FightClub. Beginning in January, we will be importing it into Canada and distributing it commercially to fleets and individuals anywhere in the lower mainland and the sea-to-sky
corridor. Check out www.ecofuels.ca to order biodiesel for delivery or pickup.

Vancouveryoga.com: Do I get hungry driving my car?

I seem to have an insatiable appetite for french fries. What kind of emissions does it give off?

Vancouveryoga.com: What is the connection between your car and yoga?

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www.veggievan.org (best book & video available describing how to make it)


Robb is not only a committed yogi, but he is living according to the ultimate yogic truth
that all things are connected by treducing his eco-footprint. Robbs car runs on bio diesel.

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