According to ancient Vedic lore:

The year is 3000BC India. After a long-weekend pajama party, a clever and excited Vedic rishi runs hurriedly home to try out a radical new meditation aid his buddy invented called "yoga." But as he enters the room, he discovers an area strewn with manuscripts and leftovers of three-day old paneer, leaving not a single space to roll out his mat. Intoxicated by the dizzying stench of rotting cheese, his mind begins to well up with frustration and discontent. But just before passing out, he is struck with a dramatic realization: the connection between mind and body also extends to the environment we define as "home." That is, our home is able to effect our state of being in ways similar to our body. Upon wakening, the rishi devotes his life to develop the philosophy of space and placement known as "Vastu," a Sanskrit word meaning "enlightened curd."

The year is now 2003AD, Vancouver Canada. Endowed with the same inspiration as our rishi friend, Kelly Deck, yogini and blissologist of the month, fuses asian and vastu concepts with a contemporary edge through the retail boutique and interior design consultancy called Simple. Located at 21st and Main, Simple is devoted to one goal: connecting spirit to space. In a modern world plagued by sensory overload, her ability for creating personal havens that nuture a positive state of being is greatly welcomed.

A graduate of Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design, Simple reflects Kelly's sensibility as an artist to transform concepts into something tangible. With the client as her muse, Kelly and her staff establish a series of conversations between you and the elements in your environment. The result is not a decorative layer but an atmosphere that frees you, one that is both simple yet refined, balanced, and harmonious. Kelly has a particularly unique gift for creating continuity and concinnity - the harmony found through the interrelation of space and forms. Go into her store and check it out. Once there you will find handmade silk cushions embroidered with angora yarn and sleek ceramics made right from the back of the store. Simple‚s own products are accompanied by imported goods and local artisan creations, each having a unique story to tell.

Social responsibility has always been important to Kelly, which means working towards a fully organic product line using sustainable materials and a greater connection to community by selling locally produced goods.

All in all, I think our rishi would be proud