power yoga with eoin finn - yoga quickie

There are so many troubles in the world with wars,
violence and hatred.

Let's try to increase the positive
energy on the planet!

If you have less than half an
hour, this is a great
program for you.


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interview with
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baja yoga and surf retreat
in todos santos, Mexico
Jan 25-Feb 1st, 2003

power yoga with
eoin finn video




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"tragically hips"
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About this Audio:

This is the daily minimum.
25 minutes. Nothing extreme. Just enough
for you to do when you
are too busy to do a whole
1 1/2 hr routine.

Remember, Consistency is key for your Yoga Asana Practice. It's better to do 25 minutes of yoga on a regular basis than it is to do intense yoga periodically.

Download it, share it with friends, keep smiling!

Love and Aloha,



Sun Salutations A&B
Warrior 1
> Warrior 2 > Triangle >
Revolved Prayer Twist
Seated Forward Bend
> Boat > Butterfly >
Wide Leg Forward Bend >
Pigeon> Corpse

Stay tuned for more downloadable routines
in the future.

If you have any requests (poses, parts of the body, etc) please email them in
and I'll try and fit them into
the next routine

eion finn power yoga 2002