Healing Practitioners
Alternative Health Practitioners in Vancouver

Feeling a little run down? In need of some body or soul loving? Looking to learn more about some of the new or ancient healing practices available in Vancouver? Here is the info you need to get you started on a healing journey! Make sure that you check our ‘find a body worker’ section http://www.vancouveryoga.com/bodyworker.html to access contact information for a variety of amazing body workers here in Vancouver.

Is a 5000 year old practice where very fine needles are inserted into the body’s surface to influence its physiological functioning. The theory behind acupuncture is that the body has an essential energy force flowing through it using channels called meridians that run vertically up the body. There are specific locations where the meridians come close to the surface of the skin and these locations allow for easy access (by “needling”) of the essential life force (or Qi) that runs through the meridians.

Qi (essential life energy) is made up of balanced amounts of Yin and Yang (opposing forces). When Yin and Yang are out of balance (either through a deficit of one and an excess of the other, or some type of blockage in the meridians) illness occurs.

The most common ailments currently being treated using acupuncture are: lower backache, Cervical Spondylosis, Condylitis, Arthritic Conditions, and Headaches of all kinds (including migraine), but many other ailments can also be treated using acupuncture.

For more information about acupuncture please contact:

Dr Eyal Lebel
, Traditional Practitioner of Chinese Medicine, at 604 761 9434 or princzlebel@codacom.com , 1055 West Broadway

Jennifer Kelly, Traditional Practitioner of Chinese Medicine, at 6004 786 5671, 2085 West 4th Ave

Jeff Ostheimer, Dr. of Traditional Chinese Medicine, at 604 251 1500, 1775 Nanaimo St


Cranio Sacral Therapy:
Please see our recent article on Cranio Sacral Therapy at http://www.vancouveryoga.com/CST.htm or contact:

Dr Christian Guenette at 604-742-0111, Back2Health Chiropractic Clinic, www.back2health.ca

Jeff Ostheimer, Dr. of Traditional Chinese Medicine, at 604 251 1500, 1775 Nanaimo St

Holotropic Breathwork ™:

Developed by Stan and Christina Grof, is a safe and effective way of accessing non-ordinary states of consciousness for the purposes of self-exploration, healing, personal empowerment and spiritual growth. This method is gentle yet extremely powerful. It combines ancient spiritual healing techniques with the wisdom of depth psychology and modern consciousness research. Non-ordinary states of consciousness are accessed through the use of accelerated breath, evocative music and focussed bodywork. Sessions are then integrated using artwork and sharing of one's process.

The breathwork can be particularly helpful for people who are experiencing physical or emotional difficulties. Participants often find that a few Holotropic Breathwork tm sessions can allow them to move through deep issues that “would take years to work through in talk therapy”. When choosing a breathwork practitioner, one should look for someone who has considerable personal experience with non-ordinary states of consciousness as well as expertise in working with others in these realms.

Participants may choose to experience private breathwork sessions in a one-on-one setting or in a group format. I offer workshops once per month with Ingrid Pacey, MD in Vancouver. For detailed information about Holotropic Breathwork tm, visit the Grof Holotropic Breathwork homepage, www.holotropic.com.

For more information about Holotropic Breahtwork tm, Transpersonal Psychology or Shamanism, please contact

Anne Little
, PhDc at 604 444-8096 or holobreath@aol.com.


A deep, grounding, inner experience beyond relaxation is what you get with this gentle bodywork approach. Not a “quick fix” or usual energy therapy, but a process for self-healing and changes through the experience of a body free of pain and limitations, lighter within as without.

The touch is gentle wave-like vibrations and stretching, running through the whole body to reach the inner core, bringing the client to experience one’s body from within, and very differently. It is combined with MENTASTICS® (free-flowing movements) to emphasize the new body-mind awareness and help create new easing habits in daily movements and reactions to various stress.

Anyone can profit from an experience beyond relaxation…The basic element for maximum results is the individual’s readiness to accept responsibility for one’s own healing and for the necessary changes, plus patience. A re-education of movement, TRAGER will be most effective with conditions affecting muscles, articulations and the nervous system : stress, whiplash, neck, back, shoulders, knees, headaches, balance problems, Parkinson’s, MS, paralysis, chronic pain, osteoporosis , arthritis, but also: PMS, constipation, asthma, digestive problems, depression, etc

A session lasts 1 – 1 ½ hr. No oil is used. If the client so wishes, they may remain fullyclothed. It can include counseling, breathing technique and movements. For more information please contact

Louise Morin; 604 688 5838 morintrager@yahoo.ca

Myofascial release:
Please see our recent article on Myofascial release at http://www.vancouveryoga.com/myofascialrelease.html or contact

Tia Ramos
; 604 568 5858- Downtown, or www.geocities.com/tiaramos_rmt