Studio and Independent Teacher Instructions
How to update and change information on your account

How it works:

Got to the home page:

At the bottom of the page, you will find a link that says "studio teacher login". Click on that link

Your user name and password have been emailed to you, if you need to find those names again please email

After you have logged on, you will come to your "studio menu page" with the following options:

1) Edit Studio Info
2) Edit / Add Studio Admin
3) Edit / Add Teachers
4) Edit / Add Classes
5) View Job Board

1) Edit studio info, you can change info about your studio - address, price, description, email, fax, phone #'s, etc... Also, you can add three photos to your page and one logo which will appear on your page when users of the system view your results page on the public search results section. Photo's to be added to your account must be JPEGs of 150px wide by 100 px high and emailed to

2) Edit / Add Studio Admin is only needed if you want to create separate login info for a studio administrator that is different from the studio administrator specified in the Edit Studio Info. Most studios and/or teachers won't need this option.

3) Edit/ Add Teachers allows you to edit information about your teachers including (optional) photo, resume, tel and email address

4) Edit / Add Classes allows you to change information about your classes.

To create a new class:


A) Select "option: new class", you must attach a class name and a style to this class. There is also a description about the class and pricing info if you want to add that information (note: there is also a place to edit rates in the Edit Studio Info page, so you might only want to add pricing info if there is a special price for this class)

B) Once a new class is created, then you can make new instances of this class. To do this, click on "New Session". Under new session, you can enter or change
i) Start time for the class (24 hour clock)
ii) Finish time for the class (optional)
iii) Dates that a class runs (optional)
iv) Teacher for the class (optional)

The key thing to remember is that you do not need to create a "new class" for every class on the schedule. Only create a new class for each style of class that you offer.

To edit or delete classes: You can change specific info about each class or delete a class in the "Edit / Add Classes" page. Find the class you are looking for and click on the link for that class. This will take you to a screen where you can edit or delete any information about that particular class.

Special Note about attaching a Teacher to a Class:

This is done in the "Classes >> Edit Studio Class" Menu

If you do not want to attach a teacher to a class, do not select a teacher from the drop down menu.

If you want to add a teacher, they must be entered in the system in the Edit/ Add Teachers Page before attaching them to a class.

Please note: Some teachers work at more than one studio. If you know that a teacher works at several different studios, please check our alphabetically sorted drop down menu to see if that teacher is already listed in the system. If a teacher is already listed in our database, please select there name from the drop down menu. Please do not create a new record for that teacher.

5) View Job Board

One last feature is that there is also a Job Board.

Only registered teachers and studios have access to this job board - it is not public. So if you or your teachers need subs or new staff, you can post job listings there.

Hope you enjoy the service. Currently it is a free system available for trial until August 1. If you decide that you would like to remain on the site after this point, please let us know. The rates will be $20.00/month for studios and $10.00/month for teachers. We are trying to make it as cheap as possible and still cover our costs and the time that it takes to run the site.

The mission really is to get as much information out there to people about where they can do yoga and related activities so we can all keep spreading the joy!

Love and Aloha,