mom and baby pilates yoga

mom and baby pilates yoga infant massage

This playful class is gentle, yet challenging. It allows new moms to participate with their babies
while learning Pilates blended with Yoga. Restore core strength and proper posture. Pilates and
Yoga are proven as safe and effective ways to help new moms rejuvenate, recondition, and
realign the post pregnancy body. Return to your pre-pregnancy shape (or better!) through
inspired breath and movement. A portion of this class is dedicated to baby massage, movements
and stretches. Benefits from Infant Massage include better sleep, digestion and improved immune
function. Above all, it’s a fantastic opportunity to meet other Neomama moms and babies.

No Pilates experience necessary. Please have your Mid-wife's or Health Care Provider's approval
before starting this class.

For Moms: 4 weeks post-delivery or
6 weeks post-cesarean

For Babies: 1 month pre-crawling
Bring: baby blanket

prenatal pilates

Celebrate your pregnancy!! This class will leave you feeling more fit and comfortable than ever.
Pregnancy is a state of health - optimize your enjoyment during these few months with
Neomama Prenatal Pilates to support you and your baby. Benefits include improved posture
and comfort, increased strength and flexibility in all the right areas, fine-tuned body awareness
and core stability, and above all relaxation and breath to ease delivery. Prepare yourself for
one of the most gentle, yet effective pre-natal fitness classes available. Oh, and you get to
meet other hip neomamas.

Please consult with your Midwife or Health Care Provider prior to attending class. No experience

pre and post natal massage therapy

Registered Massage Therapy offers so many benefits to new moms and moms-to-be. Imagine
relieving your body of any aches and pains due to pregnancy or post labor. Increase your
comfort levels and truly enjoy the transformation your body is going through. For more
information on how pregnancy massage works on the patented Body Cushion System,

evangaline duy

Evangeline, herself a devoted and active mom, understands the importance of living a healthy,
balanced lifestyle. Cultivating years of education and experience, Evangeline launched Neomama,
services to nurture and support new moms and their babies. Let’s face it, all moms deserve to
feel fabulous and fit.

STOTT Pilates / Registered Massage Practitioner / Infant Massage Instructor

Soma Massage Studio
#303-1529 W. 6th Ave
Vancouver, BC
V6J 1R1



Neomama is all about
today's new (neo) mama.
More than ever before,
this generation of moms
want to educate and
empower themselves to
be healthy and balanced.
It makes sense. When a
women feels her best, she
can be at her best for her
family and friends. From
there this strength and
energy ripples out into
her community, rooting
a brighter and friendlier
future for the babies we
are raising. Evangeline's
specially-designed Neomama
services feature pilates, yoga
and massage therapy to
nourish and care for new
moms, moms-to-be, and
babies (Infant Massage
Workshops coming soon!).