When you're in San Francisco... the water's clear and the sky is blue... 
Hammocks strew the streets on occasion and nobody bats an eyelid.... Oh no...

Well the consensus is that San Fransciscans embraced the Spontaneous Relaxation Sites... :-)

We found ourselves in the heart of downtown, by all the high-rise suit-powered office buildings
Across from the beautiful, refurbished Embarcardero Ferry Terminal Building.

From the first passer-by who didn't leave a hammock until he finished his afternoon read,
To the busy soft-ware executives who stopped by en-route to lunch...
To the fatigued moms, children, travelers and locals 
And writers and editors from the Yoga Journal (it's headquartered in San Fran after all)...
We had a hammock for each weary, soon to be very happy soul. 
Through all this the Bliss Army assisted with the "chilling out," telling stories, sampling hammocks,
Enjoying the evolving community and soaking up the sunshine.  

Next Stop, Napa Valley.  Watch this site for details. 


The Bliss Army and vancouveryoga.com