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What is Somatic Conditioning™ ?

Somatic Conditioning™ is a fitness program that provides a beautiful introduction into the true fundamentals of mind/bodypotential. More importantly, this exercise program is designed to strengthen and condition the ‘organic’ movement patterns that stimulate ‘the way the human being is designed to move’. These patterns are derived from our early days, the way we develop when we are young. Babies do not have to take lessons to learn how to walk or to learn how to run.

And when they function with precision, a healthy balance is present within your system.

The brain is able to control many muscles consciously as well as subconsciously. For instance many spinal muscles, breathing muscles, facial muscles and pelvic floor muscles. It is becoming more and more important to realize that our muscles need to be trained & exercised in conscious movement patterns (eg. lifting weights) as well as in subconscious movement patterns. Subconscious movement patterns are rooted deeper into our neuro-physiology then voluntary movement patterns. Somatic Conditioning™ is an exercise program with the intent to condition these subconscious reflective movement patterns while experiencing many voluntary muscular actions.

When we move without the automatic response of these specific patterns we would not be able to stand straight, run, jump, climb ladders, go down to the floor and get up from the floor. It will take more effort to achieve a certain level of fitness and the chance to develop any type of health issue will increase. All those things we try to correct by exercising and eating healthy ! Unfortunately, the western society we live in has contributed dramatically to the loss of these organisational reflexes. Even though these ‘organic’ movement patterns are deeply rooted within everybody’s system, they often have become ‘lazy’ or ‘forgotten’: the agility from the past has been replaced by patterns of tightness. Our posture is not as erect as before, our balance deteriorates and suddenly it takes more effort to walk
or run. Our stride becomes shorter and the chance for injuries greater. Our organic intelligence within our movements will have made way for less efficient patterns. Many of us are continuously exposed to these patterns of tightness, unfortunately without even realizing it.

However, when stimulated correctly you might feel surprised at how important the organic movement patterns really are: it is these patterns that will make you stand upright, feel fit & age well, be creative & confident, be alert & responsive. So it is time to use our intelligence and go back to basics ! Let’s start with improving the way we are supposed to move before we get into all these ‘silly’ exercises that often stretch and strengthen our muscles in very restrictive patterns. You will actually be surprised that when your body has learned ‘how to move’ again, that it will have gained a lot of strength and flexibility at the same time !

Another important component of Somatic Conditioning™ is the movement of your eyes. The movement patterns of your eyes are dominant over any other movement pattern in your body. Due to our passive life style, many of our neck and eye-muscles have forgotten how to react spontaneously when needed. ‘Sitting’ in front of a computer with your eyes and neck muscles strained as well as ‘sitting’ in cars are definitely actions that do not create much intelligence in our bodies ! To learn to differentiate the eyes from the neck and to learn to connect the eyes with your own hands and feet again is a very important aspect of creating balance in your body.

Somatic Conditioning™ is a fitness program that conditions especially those organic movement patterns that create a natural flow of strength, flexibility, creativity, agility, well-being, and balance within your system.The program is designed to be successful for any participant because it is based on our own core movement patterns.

When ‘somatically free’, a grounding force of ‘being in the moment’ is the result. When exercising with internal (somatic) awareness in patterns that are the most deeply rooted patterns within the brain it will become obvious that you are encouraging excellent neurological pathways. Somatic Conditioning™ patterns are also based on creating a better natural flow within the meridians as well as the chakra’s.

‘Breathing’ exercises, visualisation skills and meditation techniques are integrated within the program. The intent is to improve human potential ‘somatically’ (= the full integration of body, mind & spirit).
The Northwest Center for Somatic Training is specialized in Somatic Movement Programs that stimulate human health and fitness: the early recognition and ‘becoming aware’ of movement patterns essential for successful human motion (e.g. Mobilizing Awareness™: ‘The Daily Cat Stretch Series’) the skill to observe the specific ‘pathological’ patterns that are characteristic for injuries or health issues in combination with the very powerful hands-on process to create instant freedom of movement (‘Mobilizing Awareness™: Somatic Rehabilitiation).

Putting it all into practice like a very active ‘fitness-class’: a gentle and pain-free exercise program that mainly strengthens theorganic movement patterns ‘the way we are designed to move’. Strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination are fully integrated into this new and exciting method of getting in shape ! (Mobilizing Awareness™: Somatic Conditioning™).

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