TIBETAN HEAD MASSAGE -- Calm Mind, Calm Body, Calm SpiritTibetan medicine is an ancient and detailed system that aims to unite the mind, body and inner spirit of an ill person and to restore a dynamic balance.


Christopher Hansard: "The Art of Tibetan Living: Wise Body, Wide Mind, Wise Life"Tibetan Head Massage originated in Tibet over 6000 years ago and is based on Tibetan medicine. All 3 meridians/energy channels in Tibetan medicine are located on the head. Tibetan Head Massage aims to restore harmony and balance to your mind and body through the gentle massage of the acupoints on the head. This acupressure massage stimulates the points on the meridians/channels which relate to physiological and energetic structures of the mind and body. Being human in the 21st century pretty much guarantees that we will spend a great portion of our lives living on fast forward. This hyper-alert state has taken its toll on our central nervous system, often resulting in physical or emotional illness. Tibetan Head Massage assists one to return to their natural state of being -- calm mind, calm body, calm spirit.
Whether you are 10 or 90, you can benefit from the healing benefits of Tibetan Head Massage. The focus of the 60 minute seated chair massage (no oils are used) is on clearing and rebalancing the acupoints located on the head. If your office is facing one more deadline too many, arrange to have 45 minute on-site appointments. Sit back, relax and enjoy the hypnotic, rhythmic, gentle acupoint massage. Tibetan Head Massage is subtle yet profound, relaxing yet re-energizing.

Linda Sangwine is a Registered Massage Therapist with 16 years experience. She had the good fortune to study this method of energetic healing with an associate of Dr. Lobsang Shestra, a doctor of Tibetan Medicine. She has a great appreciation of the benefits of energetic healing, having studied Qi Gong (qi = energy; gong= working with energy -- a form of needless acupuncture used in Chinese medicine) for 10 years. She is pleased to offer this timeless treasure of Tibetan medicine. Linda feels that in order to move into a deeper level of being one must first regain personal vitality and energy. Tibetan Head Massage -- recognizes that energy is everything

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