Yoga Touches All of Your Fibres

The connection between Natural Fibres and yoga is huge.


Even the purely physical yoga practice can be a highly transformational experience. By doing yoga one starts to treat one’s body with patience and understanding. Furthermore, the deep connection between all the parts that make up a whole being becomes crystal clear to the yoga practitioner.

This attitude is a positive step one can take in developing an awareness between the whole and its parts. However, the real power of yoga comes into effect when this same nurturing attitude one harbors towards one’s body extends out into our relationships with others.

Hemp, Organic Cotton and even one of my most comfortable option, merino wool are all logical alternatives to a crop like cotton, which has staggering environmental impacts due to the amount of pesticides and chemical fertilizers required for cotton cultivation. Deciding to wear hemp is one thing we can do to reduce our environmental footprint and affirm our connection to the world around us.

In the past, people have associated hemp with boring, frumpy outfits. Things have changed. Clothing Manufacturers who get it providing clothing that is not only functional and styley, but has an environmental conscience.
Yoga clothing, like yoga itself is not just about how you look. It is also about how you feel. In theory, yoga clothing should also reflect our interconnectedness to the planet and to all beings everywhere – the heart of the yoga practice.

All things are connected. It is great to see clothing coming out which lives up to this truth.

vancouver's janet walden wears 'of the earth's' hemp yoga wear

Where to Buy Clothing Made of Natural Fibres:

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Only 2.4% of the arable land in the world is used for growing cotton;
However, 24% of the insecticides sold on the world market in 1994 were used on cotton crops


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