How Do I Take Care of my Yoga Mat?

Spray Bottle Method:

If your mat is lightly soiled, using a spray bottle or damp cloth, wet the soiled surface with water then wipe it dry with a clean terry cloth towel.

Bath Tub Method:

For Heavier soiling, wash your mat in a tub of cool water and mild detergent. Use only a small amount of soap because any residue may cause your mat to become slippery when it is wet with perspiration. Rub mat with a soft cloth or let soak. Rinse thoroughly.

Laundry Machine Method:

Personally, I wash mine every month or so, in the washing machine with a small amount of soap. There is a small risk of the mat getting stuck in the turbine, so be close by if any strange noises occur.

If you are not comfortable, do step A or B


Hang to Dry. Showing up to class with a wet mat is like doing yoga on a backyard banana slide and isn't much fun.

To hasten the mat's drying time, lay it on a dry towel and roll the mat and towel together like a sleeping bag. Step on the rolled up mat and towel to squeeze most of the water from your mat into the towel. Unroll your mat and hang it to air dry. With use and washing your mat should become softer and stickier.

How about New Mats that feel slippery?:

It is not uncommon for mats to be slippery when you first buy them. You can wash them in light soap or usually after being slippery for 10-15 sessions, they will become truly sticky.